Best CBG Courses to Study at University

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Marketable Courses

CBG Courses in Tanzania. Many students in Tanzania rush to study science courses, particularly health-related courses, because it is said that health-related courses have a wide field in terms of securing a job.

True, human health is important, so taking these courses puts you in a good position to get a good job or start your own business.

TAMISEMI advertises a large number of jobs that require Health Experts such as doctors, nurses, and others. This demonstrates how health courses have a wide range of employment opportunities in Tanzania.

CBG Courses

CBG Courses
CBG Courses

CBG Courses to Study in 2022/2023

  1. BSc. in Pharmacy
  2. BSc. in Nursing
  3. BSc.  in Medical laboratory science
  4. BSc. in Microbiology
  5. BSc. in Molecular biology & Biotechnology
  6. BSc. in Biotechnology & Laboratory science
  7. BSc. in Food science & Technology
  8. BSc. in  Agronomy
  9. BSc. in Animal science & production
  10. BSc.  in Wildlife management
  11. BSc. in Veterinary medicine
  12. BSc. in Forestry
  13. BSc. in Agricultural general
  14. BSc. in With Education

Potential University/College

  • Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences is located in Muhimbili, Tanzania (MUHAS)
  • Catholic Health and Allied Sciences University (CUHAS)
  • Christian Medical College of Kilimanjaro (KCMC)
  • Zanzibar’s State University (SUZA)
  • Memorial University of Hubert Kairuki
  • Sokoine University UDOM UDSM

Career Options

You could work as a clinical research associate, higher education lecturer, medical sales representative, medical science liaison, pharmacologist, physician associate, product/process development scientist, or regulatory affairs officer with a BSc in Pharmacy.
You can work as a nurse educator, health policy nurse, nurse recruiter, forensic nurse, or clinical research nurse with a BSc in nursing.

Amenity horticulturist, Forest ranger, Wildland firefighter, Forester, Conservation science professor, Environmental scientist, Forestry consultant, Wildlife biologist are all possible jobs for students with a BSc in forestry.

Agronomists, agriculturists, agricultural chemicals, fertilizer, and seed producers are all possible careers, sales representative, Crop consultant, Crop scout, Crop improvement field representative.

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