FASEA Exam Results 2022/2023 | FASEA Answers to FAQS

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FASEA Exam Results 2022
FASEA Exam Results 2022

FASEA Exam Results 2022/2023 – The methods in this article will help you understand how to check with specifics on registration and login process so that you can successfully check for your FASEA examination scores when the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) releases FASEA Exam results 2022/2023 soon.

Currently, the official website and social media sites have all the information regarding the timetable and precise date of the release of the Financial Adviser Exam from last year. Before the month of December, a request for a comment adviser was due through email to [email protected]

FASEA Exam Results 2022
FASEA Exam Results 2022/2023


Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) is a Commonwealth entity that was established in April 2017 to set standards for the ethical conduct, educational qualifications and ongoing training of licensed financial advisers in Australia.

When can I book to sit the exam?

Bookings to sit the exam are only open during the booking period for each sitting as listed in the 2022 exam schedule.

Is the exam a ‘once-only’ exam?

Yes, the exam is a once-only exam that all financial advisers must pass. There is no requirement to pass the exam annually.

When will FACEA exam results 2022 released?

FASEA Exam Results 2022
FASEA Exam Results 2022/2023

Your results will be available between six and eight weeks after sitting the exam. Once notified, you will be able to access the results using your online exam account that you created when you booked to sit the exam.

How to check FASEA Exam Results 2022/2023

  • To check for all updates about FASEA Exam results, make sure you are registered on official website asic.gov.au database
  • Check the News centre
  • Note important dates

Can I request a re-mark?

ACER will not enter appeals against exam results, with the sole exception of requests for the re-marking of written response questions. Requests for a re-mark need to be submitted to [email protected] within the timeframes advised by ASIC and will be actioned upon the payment of a re-mark fee of $218.

If I fail, how long must I wait before I sit the exam again?

You can book for the next exam sitting.

If I fail, how many times can I re-sit the exam?

You can re-sit the exam as many times as you need to pass it.

What is the cost to re-sit the exam?

The exam will cost $973 for each sitting.

When I re-sit the exam, can I complete only the parts that I failed? FASEA Exam Results 2022/2023

No, if you fail the exam you will need to re-sit the entire exam.

Why does it take so long to receive my FASEA Exam results 2022/2023?

The research-based approach used by ACER for the marking of the exam to determine results takes time. Although the multiple choice questions are quickly scored, the analysis can only be undertaken when the written responses have been double-marked and adjudicated.

In order to fairly compare candidates from one exam cycle to another, the raw scores are converted to a standardised scaled score, and then the standard-setting process is undertaken.

This approach may be quite different from practices used by some tertiary institutions where a determined raw score constitutes a pass or fail. It may also be the practice in some institutions to determine a percentage of students who pass according to distribution under a bell curve. This is not the case for this exam.

The approach taken for the exam is an internationally recognised measurement methodology and allows for fair comparison between cohorts over time. The analysis steps ensure rigour and therefore take time but are necessary to ensure that accurate and fair results are provided to every candidate. It will take six to eight weeks to complete the process and release the results.

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