Form Five Selection 2022

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Form five selection 2022 is a process that is divided into the whole process of selecting qualified candidates who have graduated from secondary education for advanced level education or technical colleges.  The selection process usually takes place after the announcement of the CSEE Form Four results.

CSEE (Certificate of Secondary Education Examination) is an exam organized by the Examinations Council of Tanzania for assessing Form Four students to determine their overall secondary education progress and to determine which students are eligible to enroll in advanced education. 

Education in Tanzania

Form Five Selection 2022

Education in Tanzania is divided into five key examinations to enable students to access university education.
It is divided as follows:

  • Class-four examinations
  • Seventh Grade Exams (PSLE)
  • Form Two (FTNA) Examinations
  • Form Four examinations (CSEE).
  • Form Six Examinations (ACSEE)

Form Five Selection in 2022?

The followings are the reason for form five selection

  • Enabling each student to know the school or college he or she is assigned to.
  • Informing the student of the location of the school or college
  • Inform students of the basic needs (joining instruction) of the various schools before joining.
  • Inform those who have not been selected for advanced education.

Where Can I Find Form Five Selection 2022?

Below, I have set out simple steps to follow to check the names of those selected to join advanced education.

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
  • Visit Tamisemi’s official website at
  • Navigate to “Events and Speech

Form Five Selection 2022

  • Then open “Events.”

Form Five Selection 2022

  • Scroll down till you find “Form Five Selection 2022” news.


With these instructions, for the student, the parent/guardian with any issue regarding form five selection 2022 that needs further guidance or clarification should go to the Regional Education Offices and Councils or call the Service Center number for OR-PMO-RALG customers at telephone numbers 026 2160210 or 0735 160210.

Admin Tips for Form Five Students

  • Change the environment and study outside the region where you live.
  • Make sure you stay clean when you are in a hostel to avoid various diseases.
  • Focus on your studies and take time to review what you have been taught.
  • Exercise to strengthen your body to increase immunity.
  • “Socialize; this will greatly assist you in creating future opportunities.”
  • Participate in sports because sports are jobs. Football, netball, pool, table tennis, and other sports
  • Manage your time well.
  • Pray to God.
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