Form Six JKT Selection 2022

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Form Six JKT Selection 2022

Form Six JKT Selection 2022 is a whole process based on the Tanzanian law to select and locate students to attend various training camps for trainings.

Form Six JKT Selection and training are held annually with the aim of building patriotism for Form Six graduates, teaching them discipline, training them for work and also instilling in students the concept of self-employment.

Training is offered by various well-organized camps for Form Six graduates.

Due to the large number of students and the limited number of training camps, not all students will be selected. If you are not selected and would like to join, then you can go to any camp near you for training.

This training is important as it will help you in your college life and in the future.

Phones are allowed if it is for something important, so then when you are in camp you will be able to apply for college, you will be able to apply for a loan, and also look at the admission results. If you go with the phone, then you will have to hand it over and your phone will be returned when you complete the course or special days such as college application day, loan application etc.


Form Six JKT Selection 2022

One of the instruments created by the Government of Tanganyika soon after this Nation gained independence was the Nation Building Army established on 10 Jul 1963. The Nation Building Army or simply JKT, was formed to heal the wounds left by the colonial government among the Tanzanian community which includes discrimination among them on the basis of religion, ethnicity, race and income. JKT is important in educating and preparing young Tanzanians to be patriotic, ethical, disciplined and to make good citizens who want to serve and protect their country.

JKT Forces is a place where youth have the opportunity to learn fully and practically, the meaning and importance of work and also to learn to provide services to their Nation without having to pay any compensation. Therefore, it has become clear that the role of JKT in the development of this Nation is great and very important.

Various countries around the world have institutions similar to our JKT institution. On that basis our country having JKT is a matter of great pride. JKT is also a tool for building Unity and Nationalism for our youth.

Form Six JKT Selection 2022

In this article you will find out how you can check the names of those who have been selected to join JKT and you will also find out about the various camps that have been set up for the training of Form Six graduates. Below is a guide on how you can check Form Six JKT Selection 2022,

How to Check Form Six JKT Selection 2022?

  • To view the names of those selected to join the military camps for training in 2022, visit the official page of the Nation Building Army at
  • At jkt’s homepage, scroll down and look for the News section.
Form Six JKT Selection 2022
Form Six JKT Selection 2022
  • Open the page labeled “Form Six Names of those selected to join the Nation Building Army in 2022.” or “Form Six JKT Selection 2022
  • If you do not see the information about Form Six JKT Selection 2022, click on the section where it says “View all news” on the left hand side.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Form Six JKT Selection 2022 or the Nation Building Army, contact them through

JKT Contact

  • National Service
  • National Service Headquarter P.O Box 2963 DODOMA Tanzania
  • [email protected]
  • +255 26 2962078

JKT Teams and Camps

  • Bulombora JKT Kigoma
  • Rwamkoma JKT Kigoma
  • Mtabila JKT Kasulu – Kigoma
  • Kanembwa JKT Kibondo – Kigoma
  • Msange JKT Tabora
  • Mpwapwa JKT Dodoma
  • Kibiti JKT in Pwani
  • Mgulani JKT Dar es Salaam
  • Ruvu JKT Pwani
  • Oljoro JKT Arusha
  • Makutopora JKT Dodoma
  • Mgambo JKT Tanga
  • Mbweni JKT DSM
  • Chita JKT Morogoro
  • Maramba JKT Tanga
  • Makuyuni JKT Arusha
  • Mafinga JKT Iringa
  • Mlale JKT Songea-Ruvuma
  • Nachingwea JKT Lindi
  • Itende JKT Mbeya
  • Itaka JKT Songwe
  • Luwa JKT Sumbawanga – Rukwa
  • Milundikwa JKT Sumbawanga – Rukwa
  • Chuo cha Uongozi JKT Kimbiji – Dar es Salaam

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