Hela Province Election 2022 Counting Updates

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NGE 2022 Counting Results
NGE 2022 Counting Results

Hela Province Election 2022 Counting Updates. Hela is a province of Papua New Guinea. The provincial capital is Tari. The province covers an area of 10,498 km², and there are 249,449 inhabitants (2011 census figures). Hela province officially came into being on 17 May 2012, comprising three districts previously part of Southern Highlands Province.

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The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission is the national institution responsible for elections in Papua New Guinea. It is an independent office established by the Constitution of Papua New Guinea. The commission is headed by an Electoral Commissioner, appointed by the Governor-General of Papua New Guinea on the advice of the Electoral Commission Appointments Committee.bPatilias Gamato has been the Electoral Commissioner since November 2015.

Hela Province Election 2022 Counting Updates
Hela Province Election 2022 Counting Updates

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Hela Province Election 2022 Counting Updates

Distribution of Preferences
1 Distribution of Preferences Rounds have taken place
Candidate Party Status Votes %
PHILIP AJA UNDIALU PANGU PATI Declared 118,113 55.17
FRANCIS MULUNGU POTAPE People’s National Congress Party Active 50,771 23.71
TONY MANA KILA Independent Active 16,377 7.65
TIKEN TAKILI MUKUNI Independent Active 14,855 6.94
HEWALI HAMIYA Papua New Guinea National Party Active 8,616 4.02
DAVID MANGOBE Independent Active 2,080 0.97
MAYA HABIA BABE Our Development Party Active 1,229 0.57
HARA WAYA-HARA ANDREAS WABIRA Independent Active 1,215 0.57
VICTOR AGILO KUNINI Independent Active 325 0.15
AYA KIRU PAGE Christian Democratic Party Active 246 0.11
JOHN HOWA MATIABE Independent Active 124 0.06
EDDY PAKA Independent Active 80 0.04
JOHN TOMIA Independent Active 75 0.04
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