Best HGL Courses to Study at University

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Marketable Courses

HGL Courses in Tanzania – We’ll look at college courses that an advanced level graduate can take using the HGL combination. We will also consider the best colleges for this HGL graduate.

Before submitting a college application, you must first understand the criteria used to select colleges.

Before beginning the entire admissions application process, it is also critical to understand the criteria required for the various courses.

We will also discuss possible careers for HGL students who have completed their Higher Education Level.

HGL Courses

HGL Courses
HGL Courses

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Eligibility for Admission – HGL Courses to study in  2022/2023

The Tanzania Commission for University(TCU) admit students in the three recognized schemes:
  • The direct entry scheme;
  • The equivalent qualifications entry scheme; and
  • The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) entry scheme.

To be eligible for any university in Tanzania you must have a minimum of 4 points in your two Subjects for courses that are non-health related.

Example; HGL Students, so to have a qualification to go University you must have a D D in your studies, this means that to have a qualification to go to University to a minimum you must have A E, B E, C E, E E E D.

HGL Courses to study in 2022/2023

  1. LL. B (B. Law)
  2. B. Land management & Valuation
  3. B. A Human resource management
  4. All course relate with community development & Planning
  5. B. A with Education
  7. BSc. in Urban and Rural Planning

Possible Colleges you can Apply: HGL Courses

  • Ardhi University
  • University of Dar es Salaam
  • Mzumbe University
  • Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT)
  • Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy
  • Ruaha Catholic University
  • Tumaini University Makumira
  • Muslim University of Morogoro
  • Moshi Co-operative University
  • University of Iringa

Possible Careers

  • With BSc. in Law you can pursue position such as paralegal, legal assistant, mediator, court reporter, and lawyer.
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Teacher
  • With Urban and Rural Planning you can pursue in field such as Project planner, Zoning inspector, Operations director, Conservation officer, Program manager, Field service technician, Regional planner, Community development worker.
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