Manasseh Makiba has won the Magarima Open Seat.

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NGE 2022 Counting Results
NGE 2022 Counting Results

Manasseh Makiba has won the Magarima Open Seat. The PANGU Party has won another seat in this election, bringing its total to three.

Manasseh Makiba was sworn in as the elected Member of Parliament for Magarima Open at 11:55 a.m.

As the first representative for the newly established Magarima District, the M-P declared now enters history.
This came after the completion of the secondary vote count on Sunday.

Mr. Manasseh won the election after the 17th exclusion with a vote total of 20, 753.

Paul Agiru, the runner-up for the open Magarima seat, received 15, 482 votes.

Prime Minister James Marape was sworn in a week ago, and his deputy, John Rosso, was sworn in last night in Lae.

Makiba (front left) in a green Pangu Party cap looks on.

Manasseh Makiba
Manasseh Makiba

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