Maru keeps the Yangoru Saussia Seat

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NGE 2022 Counting Results
NGE 2022 Counting Results

Maru keeps the Yangoru Saussia Seat. After 3:30 p.m. this afternoon, incumbent Yangoru/Saussia MP and People’s First Party Leader Richard Maru was declared the Yangoru/Saussia Open Seat member elect.

Mr. Maru received 17, 075 votes following the 14th exclusion of former Ambassador Gabriel Dusava, who received only 5, 098 votes.
Former Yangoru/Saussia MP Peter Wararu came in second with 8, 357 votes, with Micah Vines Parimani coming in third with 7, 137 votes.

Mr. Maru received 430 votes as a result of Mr. Dusava’s exclusion, putting him over the absolute majority of 16, 286 votes.

The total number of formal ballot papers was 34, 542 votes, and the total number of exhausted ballot papers was 1, 973 votes.

His declaration is the People’s First Party’s first.

Maru keeps the Yangoru Saussia Seat

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