NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023

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NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023

NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023 for Admission into Health and Allied Sciences Certificate and Diploma programmes for academic year 2022/2023. The Deadline for application of first round is 30/07/2022

NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023 Important Notes:

NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023
NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023
  • In due course of application, you must have a VALID working email address; and mobile phone number.
  •  Kindly select your most preferred Programme according to your qualifications.
  •  You can select up to 12 institutions/programmes.
  • The Application Fees is Tshs.10,000/= per institution and maximum of Tshs.30,000/= for the rest of the choices (Non-refundable).
  • You will be issued a Control Number for the payment of the Application Fees.
  • The payment can be made through Mobile Money services or Bank.
  • Kindly read the Students Admission Guidebook for your Programme of interest’s specific entry qualifications/requirements before making any choice. Click here to view/download the Admission Guidebook.

NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023 Procedures

All graduates of secondary education and colleges who are qualified to join diploma and certificate courses. They are advised to make their application to focus on getting a chance to join their favorite courses/programs meet the criteria/qualifications to join for the academic year 2022/2023.

Applications to join various courses/programs should be sent directly to the respective colleges. In addition, applicants for Participatory Health and Science programs for colleges, government and non-governmental-Mainland Tanzania, should submit their application through the Central Admission System (CAS) on the NACTVET website (

NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023
NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023

To submit an application, you must first register with the NACTVET system.


  • If you are already registered please click here to  start application

NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023 FAQ’s

Question 1: Is this system just for health colleges?

Answer: Yes, and they are state-owned health colleges.

NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023
NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023

Question 2: I did a preliminary interview, I received control number to process the payment of tsh. 10,000, but so far I have received a username and password, what is the problem? today is the fifth day since I did the initial interview.

Answer: Go back to the system and refill your information as you did in the beginning and if you get stuck let us know through our existing contacts on this system.

Question 3: How can I see the colleges I did enroll in the series to verify my enrollment? If accepted

Answer 3: Yes you can see. Look at the list of “selected programs”. You can see if you complete the application. If you do not complete the application, you will come to the college selection page and you will see the choices you have already made.

Question 4: Hi, I have opened an account but if I want to apply it comes with the option of health colleges only. What should I do if I need to apply for forest college?

Answer 4: This system receives applications for state-owned health colleges only. Other applications are sent directly to the respective colleges.

Question 5: I applied for the first time and completed it. I need to apply to another college. I do not find the option to continue as it was yesterday. What can I do to continue?

Answer 5: Log in to the NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023 system and once on your personal page you can add another course by clicking the “Add Choice” button.

Question 6: Can I know or look at the college I applied for? How many people did we apply for?

Answer 6: Yes you can. When you finish your application, click on the button labeled “Chosen Programs.” The system will show you for each option how many students have applied, and at the end, it will show the total.

Question 7: Please let me know the steps to follow to pay by M-Pesa.

Answer 7: The section under which you see the payment number (Control Number) Below there are different types of payment. Select the one you want by clicking on the one you want and then it will give you how to pay.

Question 8: I failed to get control of the number.

Answer 8: Payment Numbers (Control Numbers) are available after registration by setting up preliminary information. And it takes up to five minutes to find it after receiving the information. Unless it occurs after 24 hours. Contact our specialists between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 p.m. on 0677444100 or 0677444018.

Question 9: I am trying to register for the first time but I am told the index number is incorrect, but in reality, the index number and year of graduation are correct. Help please.

Answer 9: There are several possible reasons for this. 1. If you have mistakenly written your Form Four examination number, you are advised to check and write it correctly. 2. Test results have been withheld by the National Examinations Council for various reasons. 3. There are technical problems on the internet, or the NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023 is not working properly. You are advised to try again later.

Question 10: My question is: last year I sent an application (admission) to about three colleges. Sadly, I did not get a place in all those colleges. I’ve also sent this year. How can I be sure that I will get a place in those colleges?

Answer 10: Selection are based on competition by looking at the following: 1. Your achievement by focusing on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English. And applicants will be screened for success from the highest to the highest. 2. Open positions in the relevant course So you have to choose courses that are less competitive if your performance is low. The NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023 system shows you for each course you choose how many applicants it has.

For any other inquiry on NACTVET Online Application 2022/2023 please call NACTVET from 09:00 to 15:30 on +255 22 2780077, +255 22 2780312, +255 22 2780061, +255 22 2780079, 0738 253421 or write to [email protected]

  • Zonal Contacts: Southern (Mtwara) – 0735376020/0735720198, Northern (Arusha) – 0737833507, Western – 0262604533/0737796142/0736730073, Central (Dodoma) – 0262323121,
  • Lake (Mwanza) – 0719313602/0739313602, Zanzibar – +255 242 233043/0733435208/0736444566, Southern Highland (Mbeya) – 0737587575/0737928892
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