Necta Form two 2018 Results (FTNA Results 2018)

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NECTA Form two 2021/2022 Results

NECTA Form two 2018 Results (FTNA Results 2018) are marks and grades given to form two students in order to measure their skills and level of understanding before moving on to form three and four.

Anyone can now check Necta Form two 2018 Results by visiting the official website and clicking on the result link. Students can also access the FTNA 2018 Results using the direct link provided on this website.


The results of the national examinations for standard four, form two, and four, which were held in November 2019, have been released by NECTA.

The performance of Form Four students in 2019 has improved by 1.4 percent over 2018.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Dr Charles Msonde, Executive Secretary of the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (Necta), has announced the results of the November 2019 national examinations for standard four, form two, and form four.

The 2019 Form Four results show that the pass rate has increased slightly by 1.4 percent over 2018. Despite the increase, approximately half of all 2019 candidates (48.6 percent) have received the fourth grade.

According to Necta, 340,914 students passed the exam out of 422,722 students who took the exam in October last year, representing 80.65% of all candidates.

This is the same as saying that 81 of the 100 students who took the test passed.

According to Necta Executive Secretary Dr. Charles Msonde, the pass rate represents a 1.38 percent increase over the previous year’s results. Last year, 79.27% of school candidates passed the exam.

According to Form Two test results statistics, a total of 514,251 students, or 90.04 percent of 571,137 test takers, have acquired skills and knowledge to continue with Form Three. There are 270,750 girls and 243,501 boys among them.

Dr. Msonde, who announced the results today (January 9, 2020), also stated that the results of the national standard four test (SFNA) had been released.

Check Necta Form two 2018 Results

Necta Form two 2018 Results

In our efforts to provide you with complete information on NECTA results in Tanzania, we have brought you the outcomes of the Form two exam for the year 2018.

Form two results in 2018 are critical for students and parents because they can guide them through student achievement and look at national and school development as a whole.

Check out the direct link provided below to see all of the results.

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