NECTA Form two 2021/2022 Results (FTNA Results 2021/2022)

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NECTA Form two 2021/2022 Results

Necta Form two 2021/2022 Results are the marks and grades awarded to Form two students who took the FTNA Exam in the academic year 2021/2022.

Overview on Students Performance

The National Examinations Council (NECTA) revealed the results of the Form Four national test held in November 2021 on Saturday, January 15, 2022. The results were revealed by Dr. Charles Msonde, Necta Executive Secretary, where the council declared the results of the national examinations for standard four and form two 2021.

Dr. Msonde announced the results, stating that 422,388 School candidates (87.30 percent) out of 483,820 applicants passed their exams. The pass rate has increased by 1.46 percent since 2020.

The top 10 candidates in the Form Two Student Test.

  1. Geovin Macha – Jude Arusha School
  2. Moses Masome – Heritage Coast
  3. Pius Tairo – Tengeru Arusha
  4. Henry Shelembi -Jude Arusha
  5. Shilanga Malegi – Heritage Coast
  6. Loi Kitundu – Feza Girls – DSM
  7. Joshua Leo – Tengeru Boys Arusha
  8. Brian Chille – Marian Coast Province
  9. Cornel Karoli – Jude Arusha
  10. Elizabeth Msengi – St. Monica Arusha.

NECTA Form two 2021/2022 Results

The NECTA form two 2021 results are the final output obtained after marking and arranging the Form Two National Assessment FTNA 2021 exam scripts, NECTA management coordinates and teams up with the Selected teachers Qualified Markers responsible for marking candidates’ scripts, NECTA management processes the students marks to obtain the final results.

The Finalized NECTA Form two 2021/2022 Results – Form Two National Assessment Results are sorted by region, districts councils, and school listing. The results are organized in a tabular format and include information such as student number, gender, student name, subject taken, grades, grade points, and division scored for each student. The full findings are available on the NECTA website at Form two in 2021.

How to check NECTA Form two 2021/2022 Results online

NECTA Form two 2021/2022 Results

When the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) officially announces the FTNA Results 2021, there will be several ways to access the NECTA form two 2021 results, however the following are the best ways to check FTNA results easier, quicker, and smoothly, simply check for yourself below.

When the National Examination Council of Tanzania publishes the Form Two results for 2021, students, parents, and teachers can verify the results by simply following the instructions outlined below.

Here are the methods to verifying your NECTA Form two 2021/2022 Results – FTNA results 2021/2022.

Step 1: Go to the NECTA official websites at or

Step 2: Navigate to the “MATOKEO YA UPIMAJI WA KITAIFA WA PILI (FTNA) 2021 Link“.

Step 3: A new page with a list of all examination centers will appear; go directly to your center name or use your browser’s search on page feature to type your school name or number.

Step 4: The FTNA 2021 Result will be shown. Download and store for future use.

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