PNG my payslip online

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PNG my payslip online
PNG my payslip online

PNG my payslip online service. Teachers and public servants throughout the country can use the payslip program to view their payslips online.

PNG my payslip online
PNG my payslip online

The government phased out the traditional print version of payslips in favor of web-based electronic payslips delivered via an online application portal.

PNG my payslip online

Public Servant

If you are a public servant, you must register with your department’s Human Resources Management Section (Police,health, works,defence, education, etc). See the Education Department example below. If you work at the Education Department’s headquarters, you must submit the following documents to HR for registration.

  1. Your company’s payroll name
  2. Your Payroll Account Number
  3. Current Phone Number (Bmobile, Digicle, Telikom)
  4. Your most recent email address (Yahoo,gmail, hotmail etc)
  5. Photo ID/NID/Educational ID

Note: If you have completed the preceding steps, proceed to steps 3 and 4 below to utilize the application.


If you are a teacher, you must complete the conditions listed below before you can access the Payslip Application. Teachers should submit the following information to Secondary School and Primary School Inspectors:

  • Biodata from the Teaching Service Commission (Full name, File Number, Registration year, )
  • Current identification (School ID/ NID)
  • Current Telephone Number (Telikom/Digicel/Bmobile)
  • Your home address/school

The information listed above must be supplied to your school’s inspector. THERE IS NO STANDARD APPLICATION FORM, SO simply type out the above information and provide it to the Inspectors. If you have already submitted your biodata, please proceed to steps 3 and 4 below to register.

My payslip online registration

HR officers for public servants and School Inspectors for teachers assist all users in registering on the MYPaySlip application. The overall execution is carried out by the Education Department’s ICT team.

  1. All applications for Teachers and Public Servants will be processed by School Inspectors, Human Resources Officers, and the ICT Team.
  2. Each user will be assigned a “password” (Teachers and Public Servants)
  3. These passwords will be distributed to teachers and public servants.

Access my payslip online now

If you receive your Password, your user name will be your File Number, and your Password will be the one provided by the ICT Team. Take a look at the screen photo on the left.

  • Go to ( or click here to get started.
  • Enter your file number as your user name.
  • Enter your Password (the one supplied to you by the ICT staff in Port Moresby after you registered).
  • You can log in to your account and examine your pay slip.

Please keep in mind that the application can be viewed on any computer, mobile phone, or internet-connected device.

Beware!! Never give out your Password or credentials to anyone else.

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