psle school choice evaluation 2022

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PSLE Results 2022
PSLE Results 2022

PSLE school choice evaluation 2022 – PSLE 2022 kicks off in mid-August, with the oral exams. Next, the Listening Comprehension exams held in mid-September, and finally, the written exams which took place in late September and early October. 

PSLE Results 2022 Release Date

psle school choice evaluation 2022
psle school choice evaluation 2022

PSLE 2022 results will be released on 23 November this year giving you nearly one week to consider school options for your child. However, it is not too soon to begin thinking about this.

How should you assess secondary schools and choose the best one for your child? Continue reading to find out.

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Some key points for psle school choice evaluation 2022 

Determine the Important Factors for a Secondary School

Once your child’s PSLE results have been received, you can use the MOE’s SchoolFinder to filter schools by:

  • Range of PSLE scores
  • Distance from your residence
  • Location in general
  • CCAs
  • Subjects available
  • Programs and electives
  • Assistance with special educational needs
  • Is it co-ed or single-sex?
  • Affiliations
  • Type of school, for example
  • Independent, Special-Assistance Plan (SAP), and Integrated Programme (IP) schools

However, you do not have to wait until your child receives his or her official results to begin looking into schools. Your child’s teachers may have already given him or her an expected PSLE score range that you can use for the time being. As with any major decision, it’s best to start early!

psle school choice evaluation 2022》》》

Consider Your Attitude Towards Grades

Do you need a refresher on the new PSLE scoring system based on Achievement Levels (ALs)? The Ministry of Education (MOE) website has the most up-to-date information.

A PSLE total score of 4 is an excellent result, as everyone will agree. But what about an 8, 10, 15, or 20? Before you even consider secondary schools, consider the importance you place on grades. We all know that what it means to ‘do well’ or ‘do badly’ varies greatly between families!

Do we need a strategy for choosing secondary schools?”

Although P6 students are free to select up to six schools during the Secondary 1 posting process, the MOE’s advice is to choose at least two or three schools where your child’s PSLE score is better than the school’s cut-off point, i.e. what we call ‘safety schools,’ where your child is almost guaranteed entry.

The MOE has also estimated that cut-off points will typically fluctuate by 1 point — meaning that if a school’s cut-off point was 8 last year, this year it could be either 7 or 9.

This is why a cautious parent might list a ‘dream’ school as the first choice, followed by safety schools for the remaining five choices. Again, this would depend on the popularity of the schools that your child is applying for.

To avoid stress, don’t overthink this. What we know is that 90% of students will probably not need to undergo balloting, and most students will be posted to one of their six school choices. So the most important thing is to make sure that you and your child are happy with your chosen schools!

Q&A to psle school choice evaluation 2022

“Should we choose a nearby school, or a ‘better’ one that is further away?”

Here’s one way to think about this: would you reject Harvard purely because it’s “too far away?” Or, to put this in more relatable terms, should your child say “no” to a growth opportunity in favour of convenience?

There are trade-offs to every decision, which is why it’s best to discuss this as a family. For many families, schools that are 45 minutes to an hour away by public transport are still considered convenient, especially since your child is now older and able to travel independently. And with new public transport developments such as the opening of stations along the new Thomson-East Coast MRT line, many schools will be more accessible in the near future.

But if location remains a priority for you, do check if the school you’re considering is currently at a holding location, or will be relocating due to upgrading works.

Besides cut-off points, how can we tell if a secondary school is good?”

We have listed some factors above, such as subjects offered and CCAs, which some families prioritise. For instance, if your child is keen on a certain subject combination, or wishes to represent a school in a certain activity, these factors would play a large part for psle school choice evaluation 2022.

But what if your child doesn’t have any clear interests yet? In this case, you may want to base your decision largely on school culture. In a secondary school with a healthy culture or ‘climate,’ students should experience the following:

Safety: The school should have a strong anti-bullying stance to ensure not just physical safety within the school, but emotional security as well. Teachers should also respect the emotional well-being of their students.

psle school choice evaluation 2022: 

Support: The academic environment must be conducive for all students to learn and grow.

Connection: There should be a steady flow of positive interactions between students, teachers, and other relevant groups.

Belonging: Students should have a sense of pride about their school.

How can you gauge the above? Attend Open House events, and talk to everyone you know that is connected to the school. Get opinions from current and former students, parents with teens in the school, and those who work in the school (if you happen to know them). 

But do bear in mind that a variety of factors, including your child’s personality, will determine whether your child can thrive in a school. 

“Should we choose a co-ed or single-sex secondary school?”

Some parents prefer single-sex schools so that their children won’t be distracted by mingling with the opposite sex. Others prefer a co-ed setting, as it reflects the mixed gender environments that children will face later in life.

There are different arguments for and against each setting — read this useful summary and weigh the factors for yourself. 

“Should we choose a school with a competitive or relaxed environment?”

If you are thinking about this, chances are your child is considered a ‘middle-ability’ or ‘high-ability’ student. 

Some research on psle school choice evaluation 2022 has suggested that middle-ability students will be more motivated if they are placed alongside high-ability students. As for high-ability students, they are more likely to do well, no matter where they are placed. 

It may be difficult for you, the parent, to make an objective decision — some parents want to protect their children from excessive pressure, even though they may thrive in demanding situations, while others want their children to make it to the ‘best’ schools, even if they are less resilient. 

Our advice? Seek an opinion from your child’s teachers, and talk to your child to find out what he/she really wants.

psle school choice evaluation 2022


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