UNEB 2022 Time Table

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UNEB 2022 Time Table
UNEB 2022 Time Table

UNEB 2022 Time Table is aschedule of events that organizes school activities throughout the day, week, term or year. For each activity, a UNEB timetable generally specifies a starting and an ending time. Typically the shortest duration on the timetable is called a period.

The Time tables include braile versions for blind candidates.


UNEB 2022 Time Table
UNEB 2022 Time Table

The Uganda National Examinations Board was established by an Act of Parliament in 1983, Cap 137 Laws of Uganda; legalizing all actions taken with effect from 1st July 1980 when it effectively started operating. The Board is a body corporate mandated to conduct and manage examinations in Uganda for the end of the educational cycle at Primary and Secondary school level: and to conduct examination-related research.

UNEB 2022 Time Table

UNEB_UG has today released the 2022 examination timetables (UNEB 2022 time table ) for the Primary Leaving Examination, Uganda Certificate of Education examination and UACE examination. 

In line with the Board’s policy of inclusiveness and equitable assessment of learners’
achievements, braille versions of the time tables have been provided to cater for learners with visual impairment. 

Soft copies are being uploaded
on school portals, while the printed copies are now being packed along
with other examination stationery. Heads of Examination Centres and
District Inspectors of Schools will be advised when to pick the materials. 

Head teachers who registered blind candidates should remember to pick the brailed timetables along with the other stationery.

The timetables include Regulations on the Conduct of the examinations and Caution to candidates on acts that amount to examination malpractice. Head teachers are requested to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to brief the candidates to follow these Regulations.

Failure to comply with the regulations and caution
indicated in the timetable shall lead to cancellation of results of a
candidate or all candidates at the Center or disqualification from the

Cases of examination malpractice that can lead to disqualification, cancellation of results or arrest of a candidate have been clearly spelt out . Parents are also advised to take keen interest in the timetable so as to support the candidates in every way possible. 

UNEB Commencement of National Examination 2022

This year’s national examinations will commence on 14th October, 2022, with the briefing of UCE candidates. UCE, which is the first series of examinations to be conducted, will run until 18th November, 2022. 

The second series of examinations is the PLE which will be conducted from 7th -9th November, 2022, starting with the briefing of the candidates. UACE will commence on 18th November – 9th December, 2022.

The Board appeals to head teachers to conduct these briefings

The Board has noted previously, that where cases of irregularities and malpractice have been noted, the root causes have often been that candidates would have been poorly briefed, or not briefed at all.

UNEB Registered Candidates 2022

A total of one million, two hundred eighty thousand, one hundred and
seventy two (1,280,172) candidates have registered for all the three
levels of the final examinations. This indicates a percentage increase of
7.7% of the total candidature. 

uneb 2022 time table

ED Mr. Odongo displaying the 2022 Examination time table, including the Braile version of the Time table 


UNEB 2022 time table
UNEB 2022 Time Table

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2022 UACE Time table

UNEB 2022 Time Table
UNEB 2022 Time Table

UNEB 2022 Time Table

UNEB 2022 Time Table

2022 UCE Timetable

UNEB 2022 Time Table

2022 PLE Timetable

UNEB 2022 Time Table
UNEB 2022 Time Table
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