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www nida go tz
www nida go tz

www nida go tz, nida tanzania, nida online,  namba ya nida – The idea of ​​establishing National IDs for Tanzanian citizens and foreigners living in Tanzania was born in 1968 at the “Interstate Intelligence Gathering” meeting that included delegates from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

www nida go tz
www nida go tz

 At that time the countries of Kenya and Zambia already had their National IDs. It was decided that in order to strengthen security relations based on the Rule of Law in the four countries, the countries of Uganda and Tanzania must also issue National Identity Cards to their citizens.

There have been various efforts by the Government to ensure that all Tanzanians and resident foreigners are provided with National Identity Cards, but these efforts could not produce the desired results for a long time due to various reasons. In 1986, the Government enacted the Identity Law, which was not implemented or formulated.

It is clear that at this time there is great importance to have National IDs according to the existing environment. The establishment of the East African Community where five countries have united and agreed that the people of those countries can visit each other without distraction has also increased the importance of having IDs. It should be noted that Tanzania is the only country in the Community that does not have National Identity Cards.

The feasibility study of National IDs held in 2006 has shown that the Project is feasible. In addition, the statement has specified the estimated costs of the Project and the manner in which the project will be implemented where the “Smartcard” technology will be used as agreed by the Council of Ministers in a session held in Dodoma in February, 2007.

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete has already signed the Document authorizing the establishment of a body to manage National Identifications known as the National Identification Authority (NIDA). This document has been published in the Government Gazette, GN No.122 dated 01/08/2008.

In addition, in its session on February 3, 2007, the Council of Ministers gave instructions to create a Steering Committee of Secretaries General, Heads of Departments and Units concerned with important matters regarding National IDs. This committee, among other things, will be responsible for providing guidance and direction for the Project’s programs.

The Council also decided that the feasibility report of Gotham International Limited (GIL) should be the guide for the implementation of the Project and the Company was appointed as the Project’s Lead Consultant.

In another step, the Government issued guidance that various information on the implementation of the project, including that of the winner of the tender for the contractor to develop the National ID system, should be submitted to the Cabinet to get its approval.

Tanzania NIDA Application Forms

www nida go tz Application forms

Know the NIDA Number (NIN) at www nida go tz

www nida go tz
www nida go tz

Fill in your information correctly to find out your National Identification Number (NIDA Number)

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth DD-MM-YYYY
  • Mother’s first name
  • Mother’s Last Name


Importance of NIDA Number (www nida go tz)

You can now use your National Identification Number (NIN)/National Identification Number (NID) to access many social, economic and security services :-

  1. Registering a Telephone Line (Sim Card Registration),
  2. Registering a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN),
  3. Registering a Business/Company – BRELA,
  4. Issuing an Electronic Travel Document (E-Passport),
  5. Suspension of Driver’s License,
  6. Access to Health Care,
  7. Opening a Bank Account,
  8. Easy Lending at Financial Institutions,
  9. Joining Various Levels of Education,
  10. Getting a Higher Education Loan,
  11. Title Deed of Plot, House etc.,
  12. Guaranteeing Yourself and Guaranteeing Others,
  13. National ID due to having a silicone (Cheap) can be used as an Electronic Wallet (E-Wallet) where you save money and make payments using your ID,
  14. The ID can be used as an ATM CARD,
  15. On E-Entrace,
  16. Electronic Attendance Register,
  17. The citizen to get rid of the burden of carrying an influx of IDs as now all the important information of the citizen will be available in the Central National System of Identification of People,
  18. It can be used as a Nationality Recognition document for citizens who cross borders within countries located in the East African Community and elsewhere.
  19. It will strengthen the work performance in the government by having accurate records of employees and the payment of their merits, especially when they are unemployed,
  20. Getting Agricultural Input Subsidies Easily,
  21. Registering at the Cooperative Association (Farmers, Fishermen, Breeders and other Groups),
  22. Obtaining TASAF Assistance given to Poor Households,
  23. Opening Bank Accounts,
  24. Applying for Jobs and Many Other Services.

For more information regarding www nida go tz (NIDA)  Tanzania please visit their official website https://nida.go.tz

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