How to Make Money Online in Tanzania

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Make money online can be defined as earning obtained by using various source of internet. The need for online money has increased rapidly in a short period of time. The world of today has changed; you only need different skills to turn your data usage into money. Many have started to invest online since most people hate physical work, which is hard sometimes, and they have a low salary.

In my research I found 7 different platforms, some of which require skills, and others don’t require any. It’s just you and your smartphone. Below are seven clearly explained ideas on how you can  make money online today.

7 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Tanzania

  • Participate in the Affiliate Program

By joining a trusted affiliate program, you’ll be responsible for marketing another company’s or person’s products, so you’ll be able to earn a portion of the income from the profit obtained by that company or person.

  • Join Trustworthy Online Earning Platforms.

There are so many “making money online” platforms nowadays where you invest a certain amount and earn more than what you’ve invested. An example of these making money online platforms includes Smarthela, Mula Empire, and Royal Smart Earnings, etc.

The secret to earning a huge amount on these money platforms is to build a huge network and conduct an in-depth analysis of such platforms before joining them. The reason for such widespread networking is that the majority of these platforms rely heavily on referrals as their primary source of revenue.

  • Start a YouTube Channel
how to make money online
Make Money Online Through YouTube

Many have a YouTube account but don’t know how to monetize it or don’t even know if they can make money through it. Your content is your money. Open a YouTube channel now and start sharing your content to earn money. For example, a DJ may open a YouTube channel and start teaching different tutorials on how to become a successful DJ.

Many people have expressed an interest in becoming professional DJs, and they have searched YouTube to learn how to do so. So don’t waste your content for free. Open a YouTube channel now. It’s easy. You only need to get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watching hours within a year.

You’ll be amazed maybe at how you can achieve all this, but it’s your content that matters. The more you upload videos, the more your public watching hours increase and your subscribers. Make sure the video you’re uploading is unique and teaches people.

  • Create a blog/website

If you are good at typing and producing content, you can use those skills effectively by opening a website where you’ll be publishing your content to help people obtain knowledge and useful information about different aspects of life.

So, in order to monetize your blog, you must first create unique and original content; ensure that your site is visible in search results and receives organic traffic; prepare at least 20 pieces of content; and then submit your site for reviews.

  • Online Education

You can also make money online by starting to teach English online. As we know, the English language is the primary language in 67 different countries and a secondary language in 27 countries.

how to make money online
Make Money Online Through Online Education

You can achieve this through using different platforms, such as creating a website that offers different English courses, a YouTube channel or through social media such as WhatsApp group, Telegram etc.

  • Typing jobs

Also, you can earn online by getting involved in typing work offered by different organizations. You may choose a company to work with depending on the types of topics they offer and your interests. So it’s that simple.

how to make money online
Make Money Online Through Typing Jobs

All you need to do is to prepare unique and original content. An example of the platforms that you can earn by preparing articles includes fiverr, freelancer, and so many others.

  • Make an investment in online trading.

Here you need to know everything about the market, demand and supply, and all the things related to trade. In fact, you’ll need to take short courses to learn how this online trading works and different trading skills so that you can become a successful online trader.

There are so many platforms, such as forex, bitcoin, etc. If you are confident that you’ve acquired enough skills in trading online, it’s worth giving it a try. It’s a good way to make money online nowadays.

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